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SoFlo Stats & Fun Finds

Since 2018 South Florida has participated in the City Nature Challenge. Thanks to naturalists like you, every year has been better than the last! Check out our results over the years, and explore some of our favorite local finds.

Photo by @casuarez

Chlorostrymon maesites Amethyst Hairstreak Butterfly
Pink Sundew Drosera capillaris


South Florida

We improved on all of our metrics this year with more observations, species and participants than ever before!

  • 11,349 Observations

  • 593 Observers

  • 2,116 Species

Despite beating our own numbers, we dropped in ranking in all categories. There were more competing cities than ever before, and some seriously fierce challengers. However, as South Florida does, we worked hard and celebrated ever harder. Cheers, to our biodiversity!

Photo by @unlikelycharming (Amethyst Hairstreak)

Photo by @kuchipatchis (Pink Sundew)

Big Cypress Fox Squirrel Sciurus niger ssp. avicennia


South Florida

City Nature Celebration Results

  • 8,518 Observations

  • 472 Observers

  • 1,784 Species


Photo by @juddpatterson (Big Cypress fox squirrel)


Miami & Upper Keys

This year we expanded our boundary from Miami-Dade to include the Upper Keys. Quite the collaboration! Check out our results and favorite finds.

  • 12,179 Observations

  • 556 Observers

  • 1,875 Species

Photo by @varajuan (Swallow-tailed kite)

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