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What is a BioBlitz?

A bioblitz is a short period of time where scientists, community members, students, and families come together to record as much wildlife as possible within a designated area. This helps us understand an area's biodiversity over time. Events can take place at the park, on the playground, underwater, or even on your front porch, for example:

  • Guided Nature Walk

  • Kayak or Paddle Tour

  • Snorkel or Dive

  • Wildlife Photography

  • Species Focused: Herp Haven or Tree ID

  • Parks in the Dark

  • iNaturalist Training

Photo credit: Nic Brunk


ID Party

After a weekend of bioblitz events, the influx of observations on iNaturalist need identification. Host a gathering of people to identify observations on iNaturalist. People with general knowledge can get “unknowns” into higher-level groups (e.g., plants, birds, beetles, etc.) while people with more expertise can work on finer-level identifications​. This helps identifications reach research-grade level, where data points are considered for use in scientific research.

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