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BioBlitz Kit

Interested in borrowing a BioBlitz Kit for your event? We have 3 types of kits available: Trail Kit, Water Kit, and Night Kit. The trail kits are equipped with adult and kid-sized binoculars, macro lenses for smartphones, and a hula hoop quadrat. The water kits have telescopic nets, acrylic plates for underwater viewing, nearshore and marine ID guides, and a seine net. The night kit has a blacklight and a sheet backdrop to attract moths and other critters, as well as flashlights, and portable chargers. All kits come with a variety of South Florida field guides to help you identify butterflies, trees, reptiles, arachnids, birds, and more!

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to request a bioblitz kit for your event! 

A big thanks to National Parks Conservation Association for supporting the City Nature Challenge and our ongoing mission to observe and conserve South Florida's biodiversity.

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