Host an Event


Community leaders host CNC events, ranging from nature-walks, lizard hunts, group paddle parades, or afternoon snorkels. Educators can bring City Nature Challenge to the classroom or extracurriculars. Competitions between clubs and organizations are encouraged! All we ask is that you encourage your participants to observe and identify wildlife using iNaturalist during your event.

Want more information about hosting an event? Connect with us! Ready to host an event? Great! Event registration is open.


Types of Events

BioBlitz & ID Parties

A bioblitz is an intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area. Groups of scientists, naturalists and volunteers conduct an intensive field study over a continuous time period.

  • Guided Nature Walk

  • Kayak or Paddle Tour

  • Snorkel or Dive

  • Wildlife Photography

  • Species Focused: Herp Haven or Tree ID

  • Parks in the Dark

  • iNaturalist Training


ID Party

Host a gathering of people to identify observations on iNaturalist. People with general knowledge can get “unknowns” into higher-level groups (e.g., plants, birds, beetles, etc.) while people with more expertise can work on finer-level identifications​.